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The KBI fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles offers on-site repair services that allow your business to remain operational with a minimal impact to employees and customers.

From the time your call is received KBI tracks all the information needed to assure your service call is prioritized, tracked and our trained service teams provide the highest quality service available.

  • Average response time of 2-6 hours
  • Emergency and weekend service available
  • 7 day warranty on labor + parts warranted by manufacturer


KBI has a state-of-the-art repair facility staffed with trained technicians to service all components of beverage, juice. and coffee equipment.

Our nationwide repair program’s goal is based on the turnaround time you require.  We offer service on a wide variety of beverage dispensing equipment.

  • Free estimates
  • Pick up or carry in
  • 30 day warranty


KBI’s unique Program Asset Management (PAM) program is designed for the customer to maintain a quality product and reduce the frequency of service calls.
PAM allows the custom designing of a preventative maintenance program for all beverage equipment with frequency and criteria specific to your business and equipment demands. From simple evaluation of equipment to actually cleaning, calibration and staff training.

PAM takes your service one step beyond the normal PM program to include many special projects which would not fall under the typical maintenance program. Such as, merchandising programs, designed to meet your specifications. These programs are available on a national level based on the scope of the project.

Ken’s Beverage exclusive PAM programs are available on all beverage equipment and special projects.

  • Designed to your specifications
  • Cleaning & calibration
  • Filter changes
  • Itemized reports on equipment & systems
  • Designed to reduce operator down time
  • Quality maintenance trained technicians
  • Special merchandising projects

KBI's Program Asset Management (PAM)







KBI offers an extensive line of accessories to complement your beverage dispensing system. Serving as a quality source of information about products and techniques used in the industry.

Soft drink equipment includes Multiplex, Servend, Cornelius, Wilshire, Lancer, Perfection and other major beverage brands.

Coffee equipment includes: Bunn, Thermos, Grindmaster, Cecilware, Bloomfield and others.

  • Coffee & Soda Parts
  • Ketchup Systems
  • Beverage Fittings, Tubing, and Supplies
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Refrigeration Compressors & Accessories
  • Tubing & Clamps
  • CO2 Systems
  • Bar Guns & Cold Plates
  • Fittings: Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic, PVC


As a leader in servicing beverage products, we realize that quality and consistency are critical when it comes to our customers.

We support these companies by offering the highest quality and widest range of repair, refurbishment, and updating solutions available in the industry today.

Our “in-house” equipment technicians will bring your equipment back to a new condition.

  • All equipment is completely dismantled, de-limed and the stainless steel is regrained
  • All coffee brews have water solenoids, flow controls, faucets and warming plates replaced
  • All cosmetic items such stickers, switches and brew baskets are replaced
  • Units are reassembled and bench tested
  • All units are drained, polished, and wrapped for shipment
  • Equipment turn around time is typically 30 days
  • Labor plus parts will not exceed 50% of the value of a new piece of equipment


KBI offers a complete line of filtration and treatment systems to provide clean, fresh tasting beverage water and extend the life of your equipment.

We can sell and ship our high quality filters and equipment nationwide! Service and installation is available anywhere in the continental United States of America. If you have questions on a specific product, please contact us.

To be sure your system is in top working order you should replace your filter cartridge every 4-6 months based on your regional water quality.

Auto Ship Water Filter Program

  • Substantial savings on equipment maintenance
  • Protect your carbonator pumps from dirt particles
  • User-friendly design
  • Reduce chlorine and offensive orders
  • Decrease your syrup costs
  • Inhibit your drinking system from clogging
  • Decrease your maintenance down time
  • Provide consistent quality beverage
  • ANSI/NSF tested and listed filter cartridges

Water Filter Replacement Program

Ken’s Beverage PAM division will establish a filter replacement program based on manufacturers specifications and regional water quality. This program is designed to replace your water filters on a pre-determined schedule, removing the scheduling burden from your manager.

This program includes all of the benefits of the above, auto ship program, and also includes the installation and removal of the current water filter systems.